Marvel Studios is Looking to Build an MCU Where Half of the Superheroes Are Woman


After ten years of delivering a slew of awesome movies with all kinds of great characters, Marvel Studios' first female superhero solo film is coming next year with Captain Marvel. That is going to be just the beginning and Marvel Studios has big plans to expand their female superhero roster. In fact, they are looking to build out an MCU where half of the superhero characters will be Women.

While talking to Screen Rant, Feige was asked about the possibility of a female-led Avengers film, which is something that Tessa Thompson and several other actresses in the MCU have been hoping to eventually see happen. He didn't confirm that any plans were in place. He just said there was interest in it. He then went on to say:

"Eventually I think we’re going to reach a time where it’s not just… listen, it would be amazing to see all of our female characters the way we have seen … most, never all male, but primarily male. I think we’re getting to the point soon where we have so many great female characters that those are just our heroes as opposed to when are they all female, all male. It’s just the Marvel heroes, more than half of which will be women."

There are a ton of great women characters from Marvel Comics and it will be interesting to see what other new characters they end up introducing into the MCU in the coming years. As far as female-led movies go, the studio is developing a Black Widow movie and the Eternals movie is rumored to be led by Sersi. We don't know anything else beyond that. I wouldn't be surprised if we eventually saw a Lady Liberators film or even an A-Force movie, both of which are filled with women superheroes. 

What do you think about Marvel's plan to build out an MCU where 50% of the superheroes will be women?

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