Marvel Studios is Reportedly Skipping Hall H at Comic-Con This Year

With Captain Marvel and Avengers 4 both in production, Marvel Studios would have plenty of cool footage to show of in Hall H at San Diego Comic-Con this year... if they wanted to. For those of you fans that were hoping for another big Marvel presence at the epic geek convention this year, like I was, it doesn't sound like we should count on them to show up to show anything off. 

According to New York Magazine and Vulture Senior Editor Kyle Buchanan, Kevin Feige told him that the studio will be skipping the Hall H panel this year. He explains why in the tweet below:

Let the dust settle!? What in the hell is going to happen in Infinity War that they will have to let the dust settle!? The Marvel Panel in Hall H is always my favorite presentation, so it sucks to hear that they won't be doing anything this year.

Yeah, I know that they'll have a floor presence, but it's not as exciting as what they usually do in Hall H. Regardless, Comic-Con will still end up being a ton of fun... as always. I'll miss that Marvel presentation, though!

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