Marvel Studios is Rumored To Be Developing an ETERNALS Movie

For those of you who are fans of Jack Kirby's The Eternals, you'll be happy to learn that Marvel Studios might be developing a film based on that cosmic comic. The news comes from Bleeding Cool, who says that "a very reliable source" informed them that we can expect an announcement to come soon. They also say that the studio has been meeting with writers to take on the challenge of writing the film.

Since this hasn't been officially announced yet, we will treat this as a rumor. But it would be freakin' awesome if the rumor does turn out to be true! This is a property that has some great characters that Marvel would have a lot of fun with bringing to life on the big screen.

Jack Kirby created the Eternals and they made their first appearance in 1976. The Eternals are an evolutionary offshoot of humanity living on Earth who possess greater powers and longer lifespans than the mainstream human race. They were created by the Celestials and are intended to be the defenders of Earth, fighting against the Deviants. Here's a breakdown of the origin:

The Eternals first came into being about a million years ago when the First Host of Celestials arrived on Earth to perform genetic experiments on the nascent human race. To test the adaptability of the human gene, the Celestials accelerated the evolution of a handful of subjects and gave them the genetic potential to mentally manipulate limited quantities of cosmic energy, as well as other superhuman traits. Thus the Celestials created the race of Eternals, an evolutionary offshoot of humanity. The Celestials also performed similar experiments on subjects that led to the creation of the Deviants, another offshoot of humanity.
The Celestials altered the structure of the DNA complexes of the first generation of Deviants. The result was an unstable genetic code that radically changed the physical characteristics of Deviants with each generation. Thus a Deviant child will greatly differ in appearance from either of his or her parents. The Celestials experiments also involved implantation of latent genetic material in specimens of humanity's ancestors that would one day permit benevolent mutations in human beings.

With Marvel looking to put a focus on the cosmic universe in the next phase of their plan, it would make a lot of sense to introduce The Eternals to the MCU.

I've always loved the comic art of Jack Kirby, and seeing his Eternals brought to the big screen could be so visually spectacular! It is perfect for the direction that Marvel is going with their films and would fall right in line with what we've been seeing visually in Thor: Ragnarok, Guardians of the Galaxy, and Black Panther.

I really do hope this news actually turns out to be true. Would you be happy to see The Eternals introduced to the MCU?

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