Marvel Studios is Trying to Persuade Disney To Rehire James Gunn For GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY VOL. 3

It looks like Marvel Studios and its president Kevin Feige have James Gunn's back. Deadline is reporting that "back channel conversations are taking place between Marvel Studios and Disney". Their inside source tells them that, "Marvel contingent is trying to persuade Disney to explore a compromise that might bring Gunn back into the fold for Guardians 3, something that clearly would be best for the franchise."

So it's further proof that there's a chance Disney may actually bring Gunn back on board. The report makes a point of saying there is "no clash or strong arming here" from Marvel. It's just a discussion that Marvel is declaring their loyalty to Gunn and they'd like to bring him back into the fold if they can.

Remember, Gunn and Kevin Feige were working very closely together on developing Phase 4 of the MCU. Gunn is a vital piece in that, so it makes sense that Marvel Studios wants him back in. The report says that it's not "surprising that Marvel Studios’ Kevin Feige would make one last try at rapprochement."

If this doesn't work and Disney sticks with their decision, there are plenty of other studios ready to hire him. It was already reported that Warner Bros. has approached him about directing a DC film. That's just one of a ton of options that the director will have. 

In the end, though, I hope that Marvel can talk Disney into hiring Gunn back on. The report also adds that the studios want to move forward quickly with the next Guardians installment because it plays a role in setting up the story for Phase 4. 

What are your thoughts on this latest update?

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