Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige Explains That Thanos Has To Be The Greatest Villain in The MCU


When Avengers: Infinity War was released we finally got to see Thanos in action. We learned a lot about the character and while his motivations in the film are different from the comic, there was still some great character development.

Thanos is certainly an interesting complicated character and in the end managed achieve his goal of killing off half of all living things in the universe to balance things out.

We have no idea how things will play out with Thanos in Avengers 4, but the Avengers will obviously be taking action to stop him. One thing that Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige wanted to make sure came across is the importance of the villain and how he had to be the greatest villain in the MCU.

In an interview that was featured in the book, Marvel Studios: The First Ten Years, Feige had this to say about the villain:

“Thanos has been lurking in the shadows with a desire to obtain these Infinity Stones, which has played a big part in our other films. We’ve introduced the Tesseract, revealed to be the Space Stone; the Mind Stone, which came out of Loki’s scepter and then went into Vision’s forehead; and the Time Stone: the Eye of Agamotto that Doctor Strange wears is an Infinity Stone itself! And of course the Guardians dealt with the Power Stone. So these storytelling devices that we’ve seeded into every film will continue to play a part and come together. We’ve been teasing this for six years. That’s a long time to tease something cinematically before paying it off. Thanos has to be the greatest villain in our movies.”

Avengers: Infinity War directors Joe and Anthony Russo have also talked about Thanos in the past saying:

“Even though he’s despicable on so many levels, there’s a part of Thanos that is very empathetic. He has a very complex inner life, and he’s not all bad. Josh is a performer who’s capable of delivering that kind of complexity, where you have that level of violence in him, but at the same time you have that level of sensitivity.”

“We wanted to tell a story about a character with a really complex and empathetic interior life. There’s not a lot of actors who can give you both of those things. Josh Brolin brings a reality to the character.”

I love how Thanos was handled in Infinity War and I think that the creative team succeeded in giving us the greatest villain in the MCU yet. He’s going to be a hard villain to top.

Do you think Thanos is the best villain in the MCU? What do you think the story for Avengers 4 has in store for him?

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