Marvel Vs. DC Costume Clash Infographic

MarvelDC by Joey Paur

Here's a superhero infographic that some of you might find interesting. It's called Marvel Vs. DC Costume Clash, and it compares the superhero suits worn in each universe.

A team of people from Fractl asked 1,000 people who they think has the best costume between two similar characters from each universe. Here are the results from a few of their match-ups:

  • A resounding 85% favored the Joker’s costume over the Green Goblin
  • Mr. Fantastic stretched way past Plastic Man to win over our respondents
  • The Avengers barely beat the Justice League

They also analyzed popular heroes and villains from either side based on their costume colors, hair length and color, and capes. The results of the information gathered were turned into the infographic below. Look it over and let us know what you think of the survey results! 

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