Marvel Wants Johnny Depp for DR. STRANGE!


Our friends at Latino-Review unleashed a huge rumor, saying that Marvel wants Johnny Depp to take on the role of Dr. Strange in their upcoming live-action adaptation!

A very reliable source for the site is saying that Depp has already taken a meeting with the studio, and apparently the actor is very interested in pursuing it. It's not really a huge surprise that this could be happening, after all Depp already has a very tight relationship with Marvel's owner… Disney. He tends to make the studio tons of money… when the movie is good. Unfortunately, The Lone Ranger didn't live up to anyone's expectations. He's also a long time fan of Strange, which doesn't hurt the situation. 

Depp is currently signed on to do a fifth Pirates of the Caribbean movie, but if he ends up taking Dr. Strange that studio would shift around the production schedule for it so he could do both. This means that they are looking to start production on the comic adaptation fairly soon. 

As you know, Marvel movie deals with actors are insane, so it will be interesting to see if they are able to work one out with Depp. The site also says that if he takes on the role the script that has been written will have to go through an overhaul, especially since the current script centers on a 30-year-old Strange, and Depp is 50. I don't think Marvel or Disney will have any problems making the changes they need to make if they actually get Depp officially on board.

Dr. Strange is going to be part of Marvel's phase three plan, and will most likely be released sometime in 2016. You never know when or where the character will show up though! There's always a chance we'll see the character show up in a post-credits sequence of Avenger: Age of Ultron.

As you know, this is Hollywood, and plans can always change. But Latino-Review has some amazing sources at Marvel and a great track record for their scoops, so Depp is definitely in the running at this time. I hope the studio can work out a deal, because I think it would be pretty amazing to see Depp in the role of Strange! 

I'm excited to see how this all plays out!

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