Marvel Will Start Shooting Their BLACK WIDOW Film in June

It looks like Marvel and director Cate Shortland are getting ready to start shooting their Black Widow film soon. According to David Harbour (Hellboy), who was recently cast in the film, the movie is expected to begin production in June. The actor told Den of Geek:

“I think it's slated to start in June. I don't think they have it fully-boarded yet, but it's a great character. I'm really excited about it. The cast is fleshing out (with) Scarlett and Florence Pugh, I think they said. I know they were talking about Rachel Weisz. There's some really great actresses.”

When previously talking about the film in an interview with ET, he teased the story, saying:

“I can't really say anything about the story. It's very interesting. It's very surprising. When they pitched it to me, I was very surprised, but I will say, the thing that really takes it over the edge for me is this director, Cate Shortland, who made this movie Lore. It came out back in 2012, or something. She is a phenomenally sophisticated film maker, really brilliant, really passionate and just a beautiful human being.

“When I sat down and talked with her about this thing, we talked for hours about all kinds of stuff and she's just a deep human being. I'm really excited to work with all of these women and I think it could be a really, really good movie.”

We have no idea who Harbour is playing, but he will be joined by Scarlett Johansson as the title character, Florence Pugh (Fighting With My Family) who will play the second female lead who has been described as a “kick ass female Bond” type character, and maybe Rachel Weisz.

It’ll be interesting to see what this story ends up being. But, it was rumored to be set in 2006, which is a couple years prior to the events of Iron Man. The characters Ref Guardian and Taskmaster are also rumored to be a part of the story.

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