Marvel's IRON FIST Teaser Trailer "The Final Defender Arrives"

The final hero for Marvel's upcoming The Defenders just got a teaser trailer at New York Comic-Con. Iron Fist will continue to expand the mystical side of the Marvel cineverse. The teaser trailer gives us a few bits of action and a glimpse into Daniel Rand's, aka Iron Fist's, past. Finn Jones as the title character really looks like he's pulling off the choreography. I wonder how much his final look will match the comics. 

This partnership between Netflix and Marvel is one of the best things to happen for geek television. While the shows lack the large budget to create the scope and spectacle of the movies, they have the time to really develop the characters. Think about it, we've had 26 hours of Daredevil, versus say Iron Man, who's been in 6 films for around 12 hours. If Marvel doesn't use the Defenders in Avengers: Infinity Wars it will be a huge missed opportunity, especially with Netflix's global footprint.

Iron Fist will hit Netflix on March 17, 2017.

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