Marvel's New DEFENDERS Comic is Off the Hook!

In case you saw the title of this article and was like, off the hook? Is that good? Yes, it's a good thing. It's freakin' phenomenal. Just like Marvel's new Defenders comic series!

There are so many things I want to say about this first issue that gives it credit. First off the art is beautiful. Such good drawing, design, and coloring. I love how it looks, aesthetically. It pops off the page, and each character has life. You can feel a difference between each of the members of The Defenders as the issue goes on. Even the panels are done in a very pleasing way. 

Next, the writing is clear and intriguing. If the art didn't make each of the characters diverse enough, their dialogue certainly does. Starting with the opening pages showing the villain Diamondback, returning from the dead and seeking vengeance on his former enemies. Diamondback has always been a rather boring villain in the comics in my own opinion, but the way he is in this feels more powerful. He's returned with a purpose of vengeance and domination. I also like his little motif of dropping diamonds as a calling card. Sure, calling cards can be dumb sometimes, but sometimes they add that little bit of class to a villain. He feels like an old school criminal who people learn to fear. Each of the members of The Defenders are also written in fun and interesting ways. It doesn't focus on a gritty somber mood either. The writing is light and the banter between them makes for some good laughs. 

I can't wait to read more from this series. Obviously, the comic series is being made to have a similar vibe to the Netflix series coming up, with each of the characters being modeled after their live version. Then their logo is almost identical, but there are enough differences that it doesn't feel like a blatant and boring screen to writing kind of adaptation. This is a story in the Marvel Comic Universe that is just taking some of the things that worked in the Netfilx universe to enhance its story and characters.

The comic just launched, so if you want to jump in and start reading, now is the best time to jump in.

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