Marvel's THE DEFENDERS Comic Ups the Ante Once Again With Surprise Villain


Freakin Defenders comic is amazing. Fantastic art, with some spread pages that just boggle the mind! Not to mention a storyline that beats Netflix to the ground. Every issue I read, I think to myself, is this something I need to get every week, and then the answer is always YES!

Spoilers ahead for anyone who hasn't read it, but then again, if you don't care and are wondering if it's worth reading, then this may be worth checking out.

So, in the last issue, Black Cat was shot. Yeah, it was one of those, is she dead kind of shots too. Good news? She's not dead. Bad news? She's hospitalized in a city where a large majority of players want her dead. 

Going into this issue I was worried because the cover features a Deadpool jumping out of the front. I love Deadpool... sometimes. When he's written well. Other times I feel like Deadpool is just LOL RANDOM... and that isn't a good thing. I was pleased to see that he didn't make an appearance until near the very end of the issue where they basically were hiring him to help them because they need a miracle to help them. Deadpool is just that... a miracle. But he isn't the surprise. The surprise comes in the final couple pages, where we learn that the big bad that have been causing the Defenders trouble this whole time was... Seriously this is a huge spoiler... Kingpin.

I mean, sure it's always Kingpin, but this actually caught me off guard in a way that made me ooh out loud to myself. They've built up Cottonmouth to be the big bad trying to be the new Kingpin, and for the most part, they've written him to be a solo act, so to have him report in and Kingpin appears telling him to make sure that no one connects them together, is great. I didn't see it coming. Everyone is talking about who will be the new Kingpin of Hell's Kitchen, and I never put two and two together, that maybe it is gonna be the Kingpin.

Another great moment is seeing the police work alongside Hammerhead. Hammerhead is an old school villain that has been around for years, and now he's Black Cat's right-hand man. With her in the hospital, it's only natural that her right-hand man would come and want to protect her. But with the police protecting her, it's hilarious to see them show up and basically be like "We got it from here guys." This comic had everything. A court battle, a fantastic high octane battle to kick off the issue, and intrigue to leave you wanting more at the end.

Check this series out! I keep saying that, because, I would never think to do so unless someone tells me to. And I'm not just saying this to readers but to Netflix too. This is how you do a Defenders series right. Seriously! So good!

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