Marvel's THE DEFENDERS Takes Place Over a Very Short Period of Time

For the past two years, we have been looking forward to Marvel's The Defenders series. I couldn't be more happy to see these characters all come together. The major complaint that I hear people talk about when it comes to these Marvel Netflix series, is that they seem a bit drawn out and they don't cut straight to what needs to happen. But from the looks of it, The Defenders might cut straight to the punch. 

At the Houston Comicpalooza, Finn Jones, who plays Iron Fist, spoke about how quickly everything comes together as well as the time period the whole thing takes place. 

"It takes place in a very short amount of time. It's 8 episodes but it takes place over a couple of days. 
"So it has this real-time frenetic energy to it which I think adds to the impending doom. So we're all kind of brought together not through choice, but through necessity. We don't want to work with each other but our backs are against the wall and we kind of have to."

I love that they are doing something like this. Not only does it give the series a much-needed urgency for the story, but it also makes things clip along. Let's hope they come together more along the lines the Guardians did rather than the Avengers. While I love The Avengers, it just felt like were at each other's throats one second and totally prepared to fight together the next. It was a weird chemistry. Meanwhile, the Guardians of the Galaxy had a better flow, you could tell they were improvising the whole time and didn't really come together as a team until the end. Even then, it was more of an agreement to work together instead of being forced together as a team. 

I can't wait for The Defenders to come together and fight. I'm hoping it will mix good comedy with good fighting. In the end, it all comes down to the chemistry. Fingers crossed. But the fact that it all takes place over a couple of days and isn't too many episodes long gives me hope that it won't drag.

Via: CB