Marvel's Wolverine/Hulk Hybrid, Weapon H, Finally Revealed

For the past few months, Marvel has been setting up something big with their Weapons of Mutant Destruction crossover storyline. Teasing labs working on what appears to be a Hulk with claws. Now we finally have a look at what appears to be the monster that is Weapon H.

First off, some background and what we know has happened so far in the series. Many participants of Weapon X have been hunted by the new Weapon X program to be involved in a new project involving the Hulk. The good Reverend Stryker has been behind the project and has been taking willing participants to become new weapons that are untraceable to hunt down the participants. These old projects include such well-known mutants as Lady Deathstrike, Domino, Sabretooth, Old Man Wolverine, Warpath, as well as the gamma irradiated monster known as the Hulk. This leads to a team up with the Totally Awesome Hulk and the mutants. 

Well, it appears this Wolverine Hulk Hybrid is more than just a hybrid of Wolverine and Hulk. It takes the powers and abilities of all of the Weapon X mutants and mixes them to make this creature. It has grey skin like the classic Hulk and huge freakin claws. It also has a slick haircut, blue pants, and weird spikes sticking out of its body. This is a weapon that should be feared. I mean, seriously. If it has brainpower that is actually smart, they have a lot to handle. Its definitely not something I would want to go up against. I can't wait to see everyone go up against this thing.