MASS EFFECT: Garrus Statue Reporting for Preorder

Garrus Vakarian has been through a lot since the original Mass Effect. He has been one of the most trusted allies in Shepard's quest to save humanity (or depending on your choice rule over it), and its fitting that he finally gets his own statue for all of his loyal service. The man also known as Archangel comes in at around 21" high, and was lovingly recreated by the talented gals and guys over at Gaming Heads. Hopefully, they plan on making a Liara to match, as I need both of my best buds occupying my desk helping me to protect it from my cat.

Seriously. The reapers laid waste to London and Palaven, and my cat lays waste to my collection of POP figures and occasionally takes on my blinds.

In any case, Garrus here will cost you around $350, but can be broken down into three separate payments. The detail here is quite impressive, including the full recreation of his scarred face, and the exclusive version includes a swap out weapon, containing both the Incisor sniper rifle and the Phaeston assault rifle. You can head to their site now to put in your preorder, which will be shipping sometime in early 2015.

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