Master Series Princess Zelda Statue by First 4 Figures


Being a princess isn't all that it's cracked up to be, and odds are Zelda would agree with me. Hardly ever does she actually get to relax, what with every time she turns around her kingdom seems to be either on the brink of collapse, being invaded, or consumed by some great evil or some such. It's a bit of a rough life is all I'm saying. 

Twilight Princess is one of the more popular entries in the series, which is most likely why First 4 Figures, makers of the gorgeous statue you see above, have kept the Twilight Princess line going with this 5th entry. This rendition of Zelda features some beautiful facial features, and kudo's should be given for the pose as well. It's all at once regal yet threatening, and I love that they included her sword. Just because she's a princess does not make her any less dangerous, and I think that's reflected well here. The royal stunner is about 17 inches tall and is one of only 2,500 being made. You can pre-order yours from their site for the paltry sum of $349.

Okay, so there's nothing paltry about that sum, but fear not readers, for you can also break those up into 3 payments using their Flexipay option. If you're like me in any way, those kinds of plans are the only way you can afford some of these awesome items, so I always make sure to point them out if available.  If you're a fan of Twilight Princess, make sure to check out some of their other entries in the line.

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