Max Landis Not Writing GHOSTBUSTERS 3, But He Has a Great Concept!

Yesterday it was reported that Chronicle writer Max Landis was taking on the script for Ghostbusters 3. Landis took to Twitter to clear that rumor up saying that there's no truth to it. It's kind of bummer, I was excited to hear that he was working on the script. However, he does throw out a great pitch for a Ghostbusters film that would love to see!

"Haha a bunch of people asking what my Ghostbusters 3 pitch would've been.  I never had a full one, just a skeleton I've goofed around with.

"My Ghostbusters 3 began in the 1920s with Ivo Shandor murdering a gluttonous associate to protect his cult after he has a moral objection.

"Shandor tells the overweight man that nothing can stop the coming of Gozer; first, the gate will open in 1984, then again twenty years later

"The fat man, who now has all the details of Shandor's plans, threatens to go to the police, and Shandor poisons him. It's scary, but...

"As Shandor escapes, we see that we're in the Sedgewick Hotel, and that the guy we just saw die...

"...Is Slimer.

"Cue theme.  Show title."

That's such a great opening to the movie! Can we please just put the movie currently in development on hold and let Landis write the damn thing?! That short pitch got me excited for a movie we'll never see. Now I'm depressed.

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