McDonalds Sent RICK AND MORTY Co-Creator Justin Roiland a 64 oz. Jug of Szechuan Sauce

The Adult Swim cartoon series Rick and Morty has done a lot of crazy things in the years that it's been on. One thing that it did that no one expected was revitalize a desire for the Mulan Szechuan Sauce that McDonalds made back as a promotional item back in 1998. It has become a huge internet gag, and it looks like McDonalds decided to become a part of that gag in a major way.

Justin Roiland who voices both Rick and Morty recently tweeted some images of the jug and corresponding note that comes with it, as well as the words "Holy Shit". I feel that this has to be one of the greatest things ever. To make reference to something and then have the company respond by giving you that thing, even though it's been discontinued for years. I've got to believe the joke has given McDonalds quite a boost in relevance which doesn't hurt.

The Jug also contains a label that makes a joke at the idea of different dimensions and Rick and Morty themselves.

"For use only in McDonald’s restaurants (C-1998M) during limited promotional window, and then maybe again twenty years later,” reads the label. “DO NOT SERVE to mad scientists traveling with their teenage grandson; potential non-scientist versions of mad scientists from an alternate dimension; and/or Jerry."

Also in the package is a letter to Justin Roiland explaining where the sauce "came from" as well as information that some fans may also be able to receive some of this sweet sweet sauce.

"We finally did it. It took months, but we finally brought back some Szechuan Sauce. We'll spare you the physics but it turns out dimension C-1998M is a dimension where it's always 1998. 1998 every day. No smartphones, no social media. It's a weird scary place. But they've got Szechuan Sauce on the regular menu. So here we are with some precious cargo-- Some Szechuan Sauce you remember and some sou-venirs from some of the dimensions we tried along the way. We wish we could have brought more sauce through, but we couldn't risk keeping a portal like that open. Think about it, if you knew in 1998 that McDonald's would have All Day Breakfast in 2017, would you want to stay in 1998? Of course not. If we left the portal open, we'd have puka shells, bucket hats, and boy bands as far as the eye could see. It's too risky, even for a sauce as delicious as this. A few lucky fans will also get to experience the glory, but the first bottle in this dimension is for you. Stay Schwifty, Chef Mike"

Well played, McDonalds. That is a pretty cool thing to do that will net you tons of fans wanting in on the Szechuan Sauce craze. I think it is hilarious and can't wait to see what else comes of it. Check out the images Justin Roiland posted below on his twitter.

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