McFarlane Toys is Developing a Line of Wizarding World Action Figures

McFarlane Toys has been creating incredibly cool and detailed action figures for films and original properties for years. They’ve now teamed up with Warner Bros. Consumer Products to make a line of high-end collectible action figures for the Wizarding World!

There are only a handful of figures that have been confirmed and the collection will include figures ranging between 6-12 inches covering both the Harry Potter and Fantastic Beast films.

The first wave will include characters like Harry Potter, Hermione Granger, Ron Weasley, and Voldemort. Buckbeak will also be getting a figure as well. McFarlane had this to say in a statement:

“The Wizarding World captures the emotions of its fans unlike any other. Taking the iconic imagery from the Wizarding World and creating figures for everyone to take home is quite an honor for me.”

He went on to explain how they will be rolling out the figures, saying:

“You don't want the young Harry, and the older Ron, and stuff. It's on the shelf. So we're gonna try, and as much as possible give some continuity, at least for a couple of the figures. We may do a line where we do two or six figures, and maybe three from one movie, and three from another. And then we'll clearly mark those, so that people will know.”

He went on to talk about developing figures for Fantastic Beasts even thought the film series is still going:

“We’re gonna dive right into all that stuff, because again, given some of the past stuff we've done with monsters, with Spawn, and then the dragons, and things like that, I think some of these, like you said, fall into that.”

“There's one of them called Buckbeak, which is this thing they call the Hippogriff. That's gonna be our first one coming out. By the time you take any animal and you put giant wings on it, they look pretty impressive in plastic, right?”

The figures will cost up to $25 and McFarlane Toys will debut prototypes of this collection's first wave at the 2019 Toy Fair in New York this weekend.

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