McG Set to Direct a Horror/Comedy Called THE BABYSITTER

McG is one of those filmmakers who does decent stuff with TV, but whose movies just aren’t that good at all. That’s not going to stop him from making them, though! He’s set to direct a horror/comedy called The Babysitter, which is based on a spec script from Brian Duffield. This spec was on the Black List of best unproduced screenplays. In fact, it was ranked #4 on that list.

According to Variety, the film follows “a twelve-year-old boy and his babysitter on a night when things take an unexpected turn for the worst.” That’s really not much to go off of, as it’s an extremely vague description. Anything could happen! It’s a scenario that any improv group could run wild with. 

Apparently McG was going to produce the movie at first, but he decided to direct it so that he could “realize his vision for the script.” That’s a shame. I can’t help be think that anyone else could do a better job with it. Except Brett Ratner.

The last movie that McG directed was Kevin Costner’s 3 Days to Kill. Since then, he’s just attached himself to a few projects as a producer. 

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