Measure Your Own Kessel Run Times With This Han Solo-Themed Watch

I'm a big fan of slick-looking watches, but cool watches aren't cheap, so it's a tough thing to get into unless you have a bunch of extra cash laying around. At $549.99, this Han Solo-themed watch from ThinkGeek is no exception — but if you have the money and dig the style, this bad boy will help you keep track of your own personal best times making the Kessel run. There's even a "Parsecs" guide on the ring that has everything under 12 painted red, so you'll easily be able to tell if you top Han's boastful claim from the original Star Wars.

Okay, so we all know Parsecs are a measure of distance and not time. However, if your ship has a maximum speed, you could theoretically mark out distance on a clock or a watch. For instance, when we're on the highway going 60 miles per hour, we could mark 30 minutes into the trip as 30 miles. So that's our explanation for this Parsecs concave ring marking, inspired by the Kessel Run.

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