Medical Students Wrote a DUNGEONS & DRAGONS Supplement for Disease

It’s not uncommon for Dungeons & Dragons players to have to fight a wide variety of foes throughout their campaign. From the lowly goblins and kobolds to the mighty dragons and deities, monsters always abound. Sometimes, players have to deal with adverse conditions such as being poisoned or drowning. Now, there’s a new challenge that Dungeon Masters can throw at their players thanks to The Malady Workshop supplement on DMs Guild.

The Malady Workshop is written by Jason Bakos and Themis Paraskevas and it is an unofficial supplement for the game. It helps guide DMs on creating terrible diseases for their world. DMs will go through deciding key components of the disease such as its origin, symptoms, and lethality. It actually looks like a really great supplement for DMs looking for something new to bring to the table and only costs $2.95. It’s important to note that Bakos and Paraskevas are medical students who used their knowledge of diseases to inspire the information in this supplement. Are you going to make your players sick now?

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