Medieval Fantasy Justice League Action Figures - DUNGEON LEAGUE

Sillof is an artist who is known for making custom action figures, and one of his recent sets features the Justice League superheroes as Dungeons & Dragons medieval warriors. The series is called Dungeon League, and it features Batman, Superman, The Flash, Green Lantern, and Wonder Woman. Here's the description that Sillof included with the collection:

Anyone who has ever played a role-playing game in their childhood probably at some point imagined what some of their favorite characters from television, film, comics, and literature would look like inside the medieval fantasy world of their chosen RPG, I know I did.
I spent house imagining what race and class each of them would be. Recently I decided to indulge my childhood fantasies and make some of those characters. While this is not a unique endeavor and it has been done by others before in various ways I think they are still unique and I hope you enjoy them.
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