Meet Team Yell and New Rivals and Pokemon in New Video for POKEMON SHIELD and SWORD

Early this morning, The Pokémon Company dropped a new video that gave fans some more information about the upcoming Pokémon Shield and Sword games. The very first thing we’re introduced to are Galarian Forms which are just like Alolan Forms from Pokémon Sun and Moon.

They are redesigns and retypings of Pokémon that already exist. The first Galarian Form is Galar Weezing, which has a new color palette, smokestacks, and mustaches. For some reason I actually really like this redesign. In addition, Weezing is now a Poison/Fairy-type Pokémon. Next, we see Galar Zigzagoon and Galar Linoone who change from being tan and brown to black and white and look more feral. With this palette swap comes a type change from Normal to Dark/Normal like Alola Rattata.

However, we then got a glimpse at a new evolution for Linoone called Obstagoon which looks like Linoone and a member of KISS had a baby, but in a good way. Then, we finally got to meet what appears to be this generation’s Pikachu clone, Morpeko. Morpeko will have two modes, Full Belly and Hangry, and when he changes modes, the typing of his Aura Wheel attack will change from Electric-type to Dark-type. The change also affects his color palette and general demeanor as one would expect from a hangry Pokémon.

After meeting this new Pokémon, we’re introduced to two rivals that we’ll encounter. Bede looks like a snobby kid who wears a giant poofy jacket and pulls out a new gelatinous Pokemon while Marnie is a punk rock girl who means business. Of course, Marnie’s “wild fans” seem to be the “evil” team for the Galar region and are called Team Yell. I put evil in quotes because I’m not sure how evil punk rock fans will actually be. I guess we’ll find out. I’m getting really excited for Sword and Shield and cannot wait for its release.

Sword and Shield will release for Nintendo Switch on November 15.

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