Meet the New Companion in This DOCTOR WHO Clip

Are you so excited for tomorrow’s episode of Doctor Who, "Into the Dalek," that you will gladly lap up this 19 second clip (the video claims to be 23 seconds, but 4 seconds of that are copyright and logo) in which new companion Danny Pink is introduced? Me too! Here is what the clip tells us about Pink, played by Samuel Anderson: he is a new teacher at Clara’s school and he may be “a bit of a ladykiller,” which is exciting. We haven’t had one of those on the TARDIS since Captain Jack Harkness. Pink denies being a ladykiller, but those sorts always do.

It will be fun to have a male companion who isn’t romantically linked to the female companion. We haven’t had one of those since Captain Jack Harkness. Apparently we miss Captain Jack. With all of the characters being somewhat new to each other, it should be an interesting dynamic in the TARDIS. Especially since maybe the Doctor won’t be the biggest fan of Pink. Peter Capaldi said, “[The Doctor] wants to make sure Clara is always taken care of. And he’s not really sure that Danny’s the right person to be doing that because of his past.” So he is romantically linked to Clara? 

Here is what Clara herself, Jenna Coleman, had to say about it, “Danny’s so lovable. He’s so laid-back. He’s a good counterpart to her uptight, control-freak nature. He brings her back to earth, literally and theoretically.” Yeah, that sounds relationshippy to me, but maybe they’re just good friends. If they are headed down the path to romance, I hope he is as badass as Rory. It’s going to take a lot to top the Last Centurion.

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