MEGA MAN: FULLY CHARGED Will Debut On Cartoon Network In August


The world still has yet to see the first footage of the upcoming Mega Man series Mega Man: Fully Charged, but apparently, that's not a big deal because it's going to premiere very soon. News from SDCC has revealed (via Destructoid) that the new series will premiere August 5th.

No official time at the moment, although we're sure that will roll out alongside any new footage that will happen after the official panel later today. 

The series will center on "a young and otherwise normal robot named Aki Light with a secret power: He can become Mega Man, ‘the world's first robot super-hero’. When activated, his skin re-forms - in a flurry of computer code and visual pyrotechnics - into a suit of impenetrable nanocore armor, including the iconic Mega Buster arm cannon and helmet."

The story is set in Silicon City and will center around Aki’s attempts to balance a normal life with the adventures he embarks on as Mega Man. The show will also include other characters from the classic game franchise as well as new characters that include Mega Mini and his robot dog Rush.

Are you excited to see a new Mega Man series? Do you like what you've seen so far?

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