MEGA MAN Gritty Reboot Fan Film - BATTLE

Nothing says badass like a gritty version of Mega Man coming to save the day. Loot Crate has released an awesome fan made short film featuring a darker take on the classic video game character.

This month's theme for Loot Crate is BATTLE, and this is the short that was born from that theme. In it, Mega Man is a vigilante who responds to a hostage situation and kicks some ass along the way. After he's finished Mega Man is met with a challenge of another Capcom character. 

The short is fun, and it had some really cool elements, but I do wish they would have shown some action-packed fight sequences. Maybe they couldn't pull it off with the costume. I still really dug the vibe, though! The short was directed by Nicolas Acosta.

The previously released films from Loot Crate include Dead Rising 3 and Firefly.

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