Mel Gibson Is Game for Directing IRON MAN 4

Last month Robert Downey Jr. made an offhanded remark that he would reprise his role in Iron Man 4 if his friend Mel Gibson directed it. Well, as it turns out, Gibson is up for the task! When asked in a recent interview if he would be interested in directing the film, the director/actor said,

"Of course you know. I'm pretty good at directing…I think I got some statues for it…I think I can do it. I think I'm a better director than actor. I hope somebody gives me an argument on that!"

Ok Marvel, it's time to make this happen! This is the Iron Man 4 film that the world deserves. We need to see Downey Jr. and Gibson team up for this movie because it would be pure magic. When Gibson's name was first brought up, a lot of fans seemed to be on board with the idea. Gibson is a great filmmaker, and I could see him doing wonders with an Iron Man movie. Marvel has been great with giving up-and-coming directors a shot at their films. How about giving an extremely talented seasoned director a second chance? 

Of course, if an Iron Man 4 happens, we probably won't even see it until Phase 4. You can watch the video interview below thanks to the Daily Mail.

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