Melissa McCarthy and Chris O'Dowd in Talks to Re-Team for THE STARLING With Ted Melfi

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Melissa McCarthy and Chris O’Dowd are thinking of teaming back up after having appeared together in both Bridesmaids and St. Vincent. This new film is being directed by Ted Melfi, who they worked with in St. Vincent, so this seems like a great fit. The film is The Starling, and Deadline reports the following storyline for the film:

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A married couple suffers a tragedy that strains their relationship. While her husband heads off to deal with grief in recovery, Lily Maynard stays home. He has built a beautiful garden for her in the backyard, but she finds herself assailed by a sizable black starling that has built a nearby nest. She seeks out a veterinarian to see if there is a humane way to get rid of this bird. That vet, who was a psychiatrist once but shed humans for animals, puts his own imprint on the situation. The film is an allegorical tale of how love can carry one through grief.

The movie has a summer start date, so the stars should be making a final decision soon. Originally, the story had the husband in the main role, but the script has been flipped for McCarthy if she chooses to accept it. Keanu Reeves and Isla Fisher were in talks to star for a minute, but negotiations have since dissolved.

This sounds like a film that will be heavy and sad, but with a streak of humor and hope. I’m definitely on board with this group of talent. The film is currently in development and we should probably see it out sometime next year. Are you interested in The Starling?

via: Deadline

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