Michael B. Jordan To Play The Tom Clancy Hero John Clark in a New Film Series

Paramount Pictures is developing a new film series based on another Tom Clancy hero named John Clark and they’ve hired Michael B. Jordan to play the character. This wouldn’t be the first time Clark has appeared on the big screen. He was played by Willem Dafoe in the film Clear and Present Danger and Liev Schreiber in The Sum of All Fears.

According to Variety, the studio is already developing two films that are set around John Clark. The first is based on Without Remorse, which will serve as an origin story of the character. The second will be based on the book Rainbow Six.

They’ve also hired Akiva Goldsman (Transformers) to serve as the main producer of the franchise. He and the other producers are currently meeting with writers and directors to take on the film projects.

For those of you not familiar with John Clarke here are some details for you:

Clark, a.k.a. John Terrence Kelly, is an ex-Navy Seal-turned-operations officer for the CIA and would go on to appear in 17 novels starting with 1988’s “The Cardinal of the Kremlin.” Though mainly seen as a secondary character who helps CIA analysis Jack Ryan with more of the physical elements of any mission, Clark finally stepped into the spotlight with “Without Remorse,” which tells his backstory on how he came to work for the CIA.

Clark was also the focus of “Rainbow Six,” with followed his new task force and its mission to protect the world from its greatest terrorist threats. 

The studio has been trying to get this film franchise off the ground for years and before Michael B. Jordan jumped on board they were looking at casting Ryan Reynolds in the role with Christopher McQuarrie (Mission:Impossible - Fallout) directing.

I like Michael B. Jordan. He’s a very talented actor and this seems like it will be an awesome film franchise to be a part of! We’ll next see him in the upcoming film Creed 2.

What do you think about Jordan taking on the role of John Clark?

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