Michael Bay Explains Why He Won't Direct a Marvel or DC Movie

Marvel Studios and DC Entertainment have managed to attract some talented filmmakers to make movies for their comic book superhero characters. Christopher Nolan, Kenneth Branagh, Sam Raimi, Joss Whedon, James Gunn, James Wan, Jon Favreau, Joe Johnston, and David Ayer are just a few directors who have worked on these films. 

There's no doubt that there are lots of directors out there trying to land a gig at Marvel and DC, but Michael Bay is not one of those directors. He has no interest in directing that kind of films, and when talking to Collider in an interview, he explained why:

"I wouldn't want to, it's not my thing, it's just not my gig. I don't ever wanna take someone like a third of something or second of something. I gotta do my own thing, because the most fun is when a real director creates the world. You know, you talk to Ridley Scott, one our favorite things to do is to create the world. Steven Spielberg, create the world. That is what it's about. If I were to do something I would have to redo it my way."

I can appreciate that. With Transformers he was given the freedom to create whatever kind of universe that he wanted to create. If he were to jump in and direct a Marvel or DC movie he would be held back by the limitations that have been set by the studios. For the most part, the films made have to fit in with an already existing universe. But then you look at what Gunn did with Guardians of the Galaxy, and he got to create that universe from the ground up in the same way that Bay got to build Transformers. Bay clearly just doesn't want to continue something started by someone else.

You know what I would like to see Bay do? I'd love to see him completely rebuild the G.I. Joe film franchise, because I think he would be perfect for that! I think he'd do a better job with that than with Transformers

What do you all think about Bay's thoughts on not directing a Marvel or DC movie? 

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