Michael Bay Finds a Director for His BIRDS Remake

I can't believe Michael Bay is actually going to go through with this remake of Alfred Hitchcock's classic film The Birds. The movie is set up at Universal Pictures under Bay's Platinum Dunes production company. They've hired Norwegian filmmaker Diederik Van Rouijen to direct the remake. I'm not really familiar with anything that he's done, but I guess they saw something in him. 

The story for the original film follows a San Francisco socialite who moves to a small northern California town that suddenly comes under attack by a horde of violent birds hellbent on attacking and killing people.

There are no plot details for the remake, but it imagine it will basically be the same thing as the first movie. I'm sure it will just be a contemporary retelling of it. It always irks me when someone thinks that remaking an Hitchcock movie is a bright idea. I'm not expecting much from this, as I just don't see how it can be as good as the original. Let's just leave Hitchcock alone, Hollywood... especially you, Michael Bay! 

Via: Variety