Michael Bay Was Pitched an R-Rated, Tarantino-Style Bumblebee TRANSFORMERS Movie

As you know, Paramount Pictures is currently developing a Bumblebee Transformers spin-off movie. This script is currently being written by Christina Hodson (Shut In, Unforgettable), and even though there are no details on what the story will entail, there was one idea pitched to director Michael Bay that we'll never see on the big screen, which is a bloody shame! Why? Because it would be an R-rated film with a Quentin Tarantino-style vibe to it. During an interview with Collider, Bay said:

"You know, yeah, that would be fun. There’s actually one idea that would be really fun R rated, with Bumblebee. I don’t wanna say, but it would be really fun. Very Quentin [Tarantino], you know."

Now, that's a Transformers movie I would be excited to see! There's no way that Hasbro would ever allow that to happen in a million years, though. I wish he would have given more details on it. Right now, I'm just imagining Reservoir Dogs, but with Transformers. 

Would you be up for an R-rated, Tarantino-style Bumblebee movie?