Michael Douglas as ANT-MAN — Fan Art

Here's an awesome character illustration featuring Michael Douglas as Hank Pym a.k.a. Ant-Man. The piece was created by DeviantArt artist CarlPearce, and it gives us a little glimpse of what could be. Douglas also recently showed up on David Letterman to talk about the movie and Comic-Con. When asked about the film he said:

"Yep, Ant-Man with Paul Rudd - wonderful actor- and I'm taking Dylan out to Comic-Con for the first time in my life. Which I hear is a scene and a half… I'm not a comic guy...a couple people in your staff know about it. I don't think it was one of your major [superhero] ones, but this is about an ant." 

When talking about comic-Con he says:

"They just say it is insane; they say it is completely insane. It's a little bit like a Halloween party...everyone gets dressed up as their favorite character; I'm not quite sure. But Marvel has a night and evening."

It will be cool to see what Marvel shows off at the Con this year. 

Via: CBM

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