Michael Douglas Explains Why He Joined ANT-MAN

Just yesterday we learned that Michael Douglas will be playing Hank Pym in Marvel's big screen adaptation of Ant-Man. It was a pretty awesome surprise, and I think it's great that he's going to be in the film. In a recent interview with Reuters the actor explains why he accepted the role,

"I've been dying to do a Marvel picture for so long. The script is really fun, the director is really good. Dylan (the actor's 13-year-old son) will love it. He'll have a picture he can see."

I'm convinced at this point that Marvel can get whoever they hell they want to star in their films. Who doesn't want to be in a Marvel film!? The big issue seems to be keeping them around and making them happy. I'm getting more and more excited about Edgar Wright's Ant-Man! They are bringing together a hell of a cool cast, and I can't wait to see who else they bring on board!