Michael Keaton's Classic 1983 Comedy MR. MOM is Being Developed as a Digital Series

TV Mr. MomReboot by Joey Paur

One of my favorite Michael Keaton comedies is a 1983 film called Mr. Mom which was written by the great John Hughes. I enjoyed watching this movie all the time when I was growing up. Who would have thought that when I grew up I would have a job working from home allowing me to have my own crazy Mr. Mom adventures.

It’s now being reported that the classic film is being revived as a digital series by MGM. This is part of a new partnership with Walmart-owned streaming platform Vudu. They intend to produce “a slate of short-form scripted content adapted from a library of classic intellectual property that offers the opportunity to serialize everything from James Bond to The Pink Panther.”

The producing team and executives behind the series see Mr. Mom as a way to “capitalize on the nostalgia parents have for the entertainment choices they grew up with, and their desire to share that content with their children.” Julian Franco, head of AVOD content and advertising at Vudu had this to say:

“As parents, we want to share with kids the TV shows and movies that we grew up with. They made us feel something. the Reality is we want our kids to feel the same thing too.

“We thought it would be a good first step for us. We’re going to reboot it. IT’s an American classic. Anybody that remembers it loves it.”

I can understand that. The series is said to be a “continuation of the baby Megan’s story, when as a grown adult, she wants to go back to the work force and her husband must go on parenting duty.”

If they get a good team or writers and a talented cast, this could end up being a decent and enjoyable series. But, I doubt it will be as good as what we got in the original film.

Source: Variety

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