Michael Myers Actor For HALLOWEEN H20 Reveals He Never Watched The Films

While quite a few actors have donned the mask of Michael Myers in the Halloween franchise, few likely had the same method of acting Kevin Durand took for the killer. Durand revealed to fans at London Comic-Con (via Bloody Disgusting) that he had not seen a single Halloween film prior to filming Halloween H20, and it was all due to a simple mistake. Durand explains below:

“When I did the interview for [the film], they had mentioned separately from talking to me, I just overheard them saying that they weren’t going to do what came before so when I got [the part], I remembered that and I didn’t watch any of the films. Since we weren’t going to do what came before, I did what I thought was right and tried to figure out this character from the ground up. In retrospect, they were talking about 4, 5 and 6 and not referencing those – but it worked to my advantage because I didn’t really stress about trying to live up to somebody else’s performance or get caught in the trap of mimicking what somebody else had done."

Pretty hilarious that despite never seeing the character before Kevin Durand was able to portray Michael Myers without anyone noticing he was winging it. Good thing it worked out for him! It would've been hilarious on day one if Durand came out and was sprinting around slashing people while saying crazy lines or something before someone pulled him aside and asked him what the hell he was doing. How do you feel about Durand's revelation?

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