Microsoft Bringing MINECRAFT: EDUCATION for Use in Schools

For years, teachers have fought to keep Minecraft out of their classrooms. They've locked computers, confiscated phones, and even served suspensions. Despite their best efforts, Minecraft remains one of the most popular games for kids today, and Microsoft is looking to expand that love to an even larger audience. Minecraft: Education is being shopped to schools as a modded Minecraft that is geared towards education.

In its press release, Mojang says it has required longtime mod Minecraftedu, which was being used in 40 countries at its time of purchase. The cost per student would be at a discounted five dollars, and educators would have a litany of lesson plans to download depending on what subject they are teaching.

Current projects range from a tour of the Great Pyramids of Giza, the learning of electrical engineering principles, and the examination and structure of WWII Anderson bomb shelters. Microsoft promises future updates will allow for much more collaboration, customization, and even teach students the basics of computer code.

I guess this isn't any different than when I learned math from Math Blaster, but for me it still feels like Microsoft forcing its game on more kids. Maybe I'm just jealous the games weren't cooler when I was younger.

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