Microsoft Rumored to Publish Games on Nintendo Switch

Rumors started circulating at the end of last week that Microsoft is going to be bringing Xbox Game Pass and first-party games to Nintendo Switch. This is big news if it ends up being true. Of course, gamers shouldn’t expect to be able to go out and purchase Halo or Gears of War for Switch, but less demanding games like Ori and the Blind Forest do have potential. That’s not to say that we won’t get Halo though. After all, by utilizing Microsoft’s Project xCloud via Xbox Game Pass, it could be possible for you to stream those more demanding games via the internet.

This is an interesting development as it signals the possibility that Microsoft and Nintendo are becoming deep friends and leaving Sony on its own. It also raises the question of whether this could mean something bigger for the future of Microsoft. What do you think about this rumored team up? Do you think this is actually true?

Via: CB

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