Mike Mignola's HELLBOY Inspired Some Designs for MY HERO ACADEMIA

It turns out that All Might’s design may have been overly based on the art styles of Mike Mignola according to My Hero Academia’s creator Kohei Horikoshi. In a recent interview with Horikoshi and Yoshihiko Umakoshi, the topic was brought up about how Umakoshi saw Mignola’s Hellboy influence in Horikoshi’s work. This lead to a response from Horikosi gushing about Mignola’s work.

Yeah, the way Mike Mignola draws hands was a big influence on me. Vol. 1 All Might’s art style was particularly bad about it. The influence was blatant; His fingers were square. Square, flat, angular.

It really goes to show you how good he is. How much pop can you give an illustration with only a few lines? I think he’s on that point of being so perfect he can do things like that.

I never read the manga for MHA, but there was something familiar about some of the styling of the show. Did you notice the influence that Mignola has had on MHA?

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