Miles Teller to Play Dan Aykroyd in John Belushi Biopic

Via: THR

Miles Teller, the star of one Sundance's most buzzed about films, Whiplash, is set to play Dan Aykroyd in the John Belushi biopic in development. Teller is an awesome choice, and he will star alongside Emile Hirsch who is playing Belushi. It was Hirsch who actually made the announcement at a Sundance party, saying...

"A shout-out to Miles Teller! We’re going to be working together soon. He’s playing Dan Aykroyd in the Belushi movie."

The actor's reps say that the announcement is premature, but that Teller has been offered the part. They go on to say that "the actor will take a beat to committing to any new project until after Sundance wraps and he finishes his press duties for his upcoming movie That Awkward Moment."

Aykroyd played a huge part in Belushi's life, they not only worked together on Saturday Night Live and The Blues Brothers, they were also best friends.

Teller is an amazingly talented young actor, and I'm sure he'll end up committing to the role. The actor has been in a few films over the years, but it was a Sundance movie called The Spectacular Now that launched his career to a new level. 

The Belushi biopic is being written and directed by Steve Conrad, and it's based on the book Belushi.

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