Mind Blown: You Have To See This Jaw-Dropping GAME OF THRONES Cosplay

When I first saw this photo, I didn't think anything of it. "So what? It's Peter Dinklage in costume as Tyrion Lannister from Game of Thrones." My brain practically melted out of my ears when I realized this isn't actually Dinklage, it's Omar Diego Milla Machuca doing what has to be the greatest, most convincing GOT cosplay of all time (via Kotaku). The costume, the makeup, the hair...this is unreal.

The other day, a friend pointed me to a video online that featured an actor who, for one quick second, looked exactly like me. It was such a close resemblance, I briefly considered the possibility that I had somehow acted in this video and then had my mind wiped afterward. It was that spot-on. Dinklage has to feel that way looking at this photo (which was taken by photographer Lenin Tadeo Rodriguez). It's gotta be like looking in a digital mirror. I don't know what Machuca does for a living, but if I were him, I'd try to reach out to Dinklage's people about being a stand-in for the actor on upcoming projects.

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