Mindy Kaling and Helena Bonham Carter Join OCEAN'S ELEVEN Sequel

Steven Soderbergh's 2001 Ocean's Eleven remake was a breezy, star-powered heist thriller full of humor and intrigue, so I'm a little surprised someone hasn't tried to reboot or remake it already. But an all-female continuation of the franchise is on the way, with The Hunger Games' Gary Ross directing and Sandra Bullock playing Danny Ocean's ex-con sister. A new report from Showbiz411 indicates that not only is the recently-rumored Cate Blanchett confirmed to be co-starring, but Mindy Kaling and Helena Bonham Carter are on board as well. That's already a heck of a cast, and they haven't filled out the whole team yet!

The once-rumored Jennifer Lawrence apparently won't be able to fit this into her busy schedule, which is unfortunate, but I'm actually cool with seeing this opportunity go to someone else. Filming is supposed to get underway this fall in New York, where the plot will center on Bullock's team of thieves stealing a necklace from the Met Ball in order to frame a villainous gallery owner. No word yet on which characters these two new additions will play, but Blanchett is supposed to be the equivalent of Brad Pitt's Rusty from the first movie — the right-hand woman of Bullock's leader.

The production is apparently going by the name Ocean's Ocho at this stage, hinting that there will be eight members of the team instead of eleven. What do you think about Kaling and Carter joining Bullock and Blanchett? It'll be nice to see Carter away from that garish Tim Burton aesthetic she seems to love.

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