Minor League Baseball Team Is Renamed To Reference GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY


Minor league baseball team the Mobile Bears will be moving to Madison, Alabama in 2020, and with that move comes a new name, logo, and jerseys. Madison citizens were given an opportunity to suggest a name to be voted on, and they landed on a subtle enough Guardians of the Galaxy reference that won’t get a cease and desist order from Disney:

Madison’s nickname is “Rocket City,” and most of us are familiar with the slang term “trash pandas.” Essentially these guys are the Rocket City Raccoons, but they would almost certainly catch some sort of lawsuit for picking a name that close to the now iconic character. In fact, the name is subtle enough that one could even make the argument the name is purely coincidental. That said, the fan who suggested the name, Matthew Higley, appears to know exactly what he was doing if you read his reasoning behind the suggestion:

“Our community is known for engineering, and no creature in our galaxy is as smart, creative, determined and ingenious a problem solver – dedicated to the challenge at hand – as our local raccoons,”

I wish my minor league team had a name this cool! I’d totally buy a t-shirt if it had a name like that. Are you a fan of the name Rocket City Trash Pandas?

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