Miss Sinister Delivers Stunning Cosplay of Asajj Ventress From STAR WARS: CLONE WARS


Asajj Ventress is a cool character in the Star Wars universe that was first introduced in the Star Wars: Clone Wars micro-series in 2003. She is introduced as a new Sith that becomes the apprentice of Count Dooku. She wields two lightsabers and is able to hold her own in a fight. Then, Star Wars: The Clone Wars from 2008 delved more into her character and she became even cooler after leaving Count Dooku’s side. Well, the cosplayer Miss Sinister (who we’ve featured before as Sagat from Street Fighter) has done a phenomenal cosplay as the Sith warrior. The makeup is amazing, the costume is well done, and her poses are perfect.

Photos by Affliction Cosplay Photography. Costume by GSTQ Fashions. Lenses by Samhain Contact Lenses. Lightsabers by Travis Wood and Sublime LightWorks.

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