Artist Laurent Durieux created two awesome pieces of poster art for Mondo for the classic films The Birds and Forbidden Planet. In case you missed it, yesterday we posted a Die Hard print he created as well. Mondo has also announced that the artist's first solo art show is coming to Austin TX. Here are the details...

Mondo is pleased to announce the artist's first solo show at the gallery in Austin, TX (4115 Guadalupe Street), beginning on February 7, 2014 at 7:00 PM and running through March 1. Durieux will offer new and exciting renditions of classic films like Back to the Future, The Birds & Forbidden Planet to name a few.  

Durieux was born in Belgium and studied graphic design at the College of Advertising and Design in Brussels. After over 20 years as an illustrator, he made his way into the world of screen-printed movie posters, creating new art for films such as The Iron Giant and King Kong.

I've also included comments that the artist made on each of the illustrations he created. 

"The bloody beak of the crow is a direct reference to the scene where the neighbour is found in his bedroom by Jessica Tandy with his eyes missing. I originally wanted to place an eyeball in the crow's beak, but I thought it was a bit too gory for a Hitchcock movie... so I toned it down a notch. I really love the variant on this one"

"Man, I love this movie! So retro-futuristic, so naive, so kitsch! That's really my dope! Robby the Robot is iconic which is why I had to put it as THE star of the movie poster. The original poster is just sublime, the colours are just so vibrant, and so I tried to emulate that impression on my own take of this science fiction classic. This poster is the piece that took me the longest to finish, almost 2 months! I think it was worth the effort and the number of layers!"

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