Mondo Poster for DIE HARD

Mondo has released a really cool piece of movie poster art for Die Hard. It's part of the Mondo Mystery Movie series. It's a completely appropriate for this time of year too, as Die Hard is technically a Christmas movie -- one of the most badass Christmas movies of all time! I love that the poster portrays that Christmas spirit… kind of. It was created by Laurent Durieux, who says,

"Justin, Mitch and Rob know I always try to bring something more to a poster either an idea, concept or some sort of pathos. With Die Hard, obviously the pathos thing was out as it’s what I call a muscle movie. My main concept was that I wanted to use Christmas in L.A. And the snow bubble was a good way for me to do that, sort of cheesy and humoristic like the movie, also of course the broken glass refers directly to the scene in the film. So it is a concept more than a poster with dozens of portraits and key scenes you usually see in countless posters, I always try to come up with something people won’t expect and from reading the feedback from the people online, looks like I did just that.

"[To] truly represent Die Hard, you would probably have to go for explosions, blood, etc… And that’s not what I really want to do you know, I think other artists would do this much better than I ever would, so I would say that my take on the film is probably not spot on but it’s just different and to me that is, as an artist, really important. What’s the point of doing something so many people can/would do?"

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