Mondo's HEAVY METAL Movie Poster

Mondo has released this piece of poster art for Heavy Metal that was created by Swedish artist Killian Eng. The illustration is being billed as a teaser poster for an upcoming movie that we really know nothing about. There's also a recently released action figure created by Retroband that is based on the original 1981 film, and there will be a series of them released.

The poster debuted on Variety, and Heavy Metal publisher Jeff Krelitz said that “this is an opportunity to connect with the fans and listen to what they want to see as well as presenting them with our vision.” The report also says Krelitz wanted to partner with Mondo to "create a teaser poster for the reboot of the Heavy Metal movie.”

It's really interesting that a teaser poster was released before any kind of movie is even really in development. Variety does say that the company is looking at the original film and will use designs to “showcase its love of its history as an art and comics touchstone, as it moves into its evolutionary phase as an all-media company.”

We'll fill you in on more information on the movie as soon it becomes available. That's all we have for now, though.