MORDENKAINEN'S LOST NOTEBOOK Offers New Eldritch Invocations as Well as Spells and Magic Items

Mordenkainen’s Lost Notebook is an unofficial supplement for Dungeons & Dragons that offers quite a bit for players and Dungeon Masters. This book offers new spells, magic items, Vistani lore, and even eldritch invocations for players to use (pending DM approval) for their characters. This is great since I feel like I don’t see too many unofficial supplements that add to eldritch invocations. Most of these items come from older editions of D&D but have been updated to meet the requirements of 5E.

Each entry not only gives you the basic information about the spell, invocation, etc., but it also features a little excerpt that is supposed to be written by Mordenkainen, and it’s a nice touch. This supplement was written by a team of authors including Scott Bean, R P Davis, Jeromy Schulz-Arnold, Christopher Walz, and Ashley Warren.

Welcome to Mordenkainen’s Lost Notebook! Nobody, not even he, knows exactly how it got lost. But lost it got, and remained lost in Barovia until it ended up among the possessions of the warlock Amira Metanova. At least that’s what Ashley Warren, gifted writer and Guild Adept, told us when we started kicking around ideas for a book of spells and magic items. And since Amira is Ashley’s character, who are we to judge?

You can pick up a digital, hardcover, and/or softcover of Mordenkainen’s Lost Notebook on DMs Guild starting at $9.95.

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