5 New Unpleasantly Fun AMERICAN HORROR STORY Season 6 Promos

The American Horror Story Season 6 promos continue to roll in. We’ve got five new promo spots for you to watch today and none of them have anything to do with each other. The first is called “Camp Sight” and it features a UFO brutally abducting someone. The second is called “Wind Chimes” and it features a gnarly looking wind chime made of teeth being chopped up by a nurse. The third is "The Harvest" and features creepy hay men. The fourth is called "Open Wide" and if shows a spider crawling out of a woman's mouth. The fifth and final promo takes us through the five previous seasons and leads us to the craziness of Season 6.

As we previously reported, these promos are purposefully being used as a misdirection, so no one knows what the series is actually about. There’s only one in the bunch that actually represents what the next season will be. So, can you make a lucky guess which one it is, if any?

American Horror Story Season 6 will be released on September 14th. To watch the previously released promos, click here.

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