More Photos From The Set of STAR WARS: EPISODE VIII Feature Some Action

Earlier this week, some set photos leaked out from Dubrovnik, Croatia where director Rian Johnson is currently shooting Star Wars: Episode VIII for Lucasfilm. Those photos featured some new alien creatures and vehicles from the movie.

We have some additional photos for you to see today. They are set in the same location, but there's a little bit more action going on this time around. I have no idea what is happening, but it looks like there's some kind of high-class party going on when something bad happens. It's interesting because the stuff I'm seeing here has a completely different tone than The Force Awakens. It makes sense because there is a different director helming the film.

Star Wars: Episode VIII is set to be released on December 15, 2017. Until then, we are left with our excitement, speculation, and theories about what we'll see.

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